Shipping and more charms on the way

Im working on fixing the Shipping prices- they seem to be a lilttle too high- especially if you were to buy more than one charm- at the moment the shipping price is $2.00 and I think thats a biiiit too high- it adds up- and I'm trying not to cost people a ton of money for cute charms... and at that rate- If someone bought 3 charms.. they'd owe me $6  in shipping- so if they already bought lets say three  $5 charms... thats too much... so I gotta figure out a way to get paypal to let it work for me =3 I'll get to work on that tomorrow...

That means I have to Redo ALLLLLLL the shipping buttons but whatever... Maybe I'll add a buy now button too for people who just want one item. gotta draw it. lol... Anyway be on the look out for new charms- if you look over in the Charms by type area theres some new sections, yea theres gonna be some new stuff- I doubt anyone looks at this site anyway- so im probably talkin to no one =3 whatever- maybe one day I'll talk to someone.


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